11 May 2012

Friday dappled shadow blogging


Geoff said...

Thank you.
Reminds me of when I could sit by a fire and day dream; storage heaters do not have the same effect.

Julie Heyward said...

Whatever it is that is in the lovely white blank that is below this post title is not available to us peons on dial-up. I've turned on images and active-x controls (which normally are off) and the whiteness remains. Perhaps the dappling is very, very, very subtle?

Furthermore, the "prove you're not a robot" comment-posting thing seems intent on proving the opposite; I've force-reloaded it three times in order to get something that looks even remotely less like scrambled mouse-turds than words. If I succeed in proving my not-ness, this may be my farewell post. Apparently my true robot-ness is being revealed to me (do robots have boogers?).

Julie Heyward said...

Ah ... now that I've seen it (thanks, Felix!) it was worth all the fuss. It's lovely -- reminds me of many little passing interludes that are too fleeting.