06 August 2012

VH: Passing the bâton

My successor on Vie Hebdomadaires, Gayle Reynolds, has just taken over. The following link will take you directly to Gayle's posts:


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Pauline said...

I find some consolation in having a friend call our attention to Hiroshima day. The recent tragedy in Oak Creek, WI, and the carnage at a theater in Aurora, CO, and countless other atrocities repeated over and over again, remind us that we have met the enemy and it is us. A quote from The Growlery, August 6, 2006, pins it.
"I have always argued that the bogeyman of Adolf Hitler, intended (quite rightly) to serve as a warning against evil, actually tends to obscure our view of that evil. We come to believe that such levels of evil only exist in a small number of monsters and, ultimately, only in that one monster. We compare genocides such as Rwanda and Bosnia to Germany's holocaust but, in the comparison, miss the fact that those genocides are a new, contemporary manifestation of the same thing. More important, we miss the fact that any genocide is only a large scale replication of the same thing, the evil which can appear in any one of us and which happens all the time." Thank you, Felix.