30 January 2013

Origin and OriginPro 9

Origin and OriginPro both went 64-bit in their previous release (8.6) and it was a welcome advance, but this is the update in which the effects really start to show off. On the most intensively demanding graphing tasks you don’t need a benchmark test to show their speed gain; it’s clearly visible as you work. One complex 3D operation which used to allow me time for a swig of coffee is now complete before I lift my finger from the mouse click which triggered it. … … … Exactly how much of this is a result of refined 64-bit utilisation and how much is down to default OpenGL graphics for 3D work I can’t say, but the net result is startling and impressive.
Putting aside the speed issue, my personal favourite picks were additions which make work flow more smoothly and, therefore, render data exploration and interpretation more transparent. [more]

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