24 March 2013

Quotation of the day

[Auntie Jean’s] flat, although still in a state of disarray, actually looked considerably tidier than it had before the forensic team began to search it.
This is from Freefall, third in the “Tunnels” series of books – aimed at a teenage audience, but a good adult read nevertheless – which I am gradually reading and will review together when I'm done.
Aunie Jean is a deliberately cartoonish character, half slattern and half goodhearted salt of the earth, but the above quoted sentence made me laugh out loud.
This illustrates one of the advantages of eReading, since I allowed myself to be seduced into it: I read mostly on a 120mm tablet (since I only eRead when on the move), never on a PC which is impossibly clunky ... but I can mark a section (like the one above) when I see it, on the spur of the moment, then instantly call it up, copy and paste it, later when (as I am now) at a “proper” keyboard. A researcher's dream.

  • Brian Williams & Roderick Gordon, Freefall. 2009, Frome: Chicken House. 9781906427054 (pbk).
    Also 2012, London: Scholastic, (Kindle edition, location 908-909)

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