31 July 2013

Number cards

After a sudden flurry of requests for copies of the following, I've just made them available for download; if they are useful to you, take them and use them freely. They are simple packs of cards for use in a wide range of educational number work. Each set is a PDF file with nine cards to an A4 page; print the pages you want and skip the rest.
Example use...
A "snap" card matching game with number bonds totalling (for example) 100.
A solitaire game based on factors.
A game in which the cards are shuffled and dealt to the players , and can then be played domino style into a grid with two rules:
  1. That each card after the first must share a side with at least one other
  2. That a card can only share a side with another carrying a number of the same "type". So, for example...
    • 13 is prime and so can be laid alongside 7;
    • 9 is a square and is also a multiple of 3, so can be laid alongside both 12 and 16 (you may or may not, depending on the learning context, want to exclude some specific classes of linkage, such as multiples or just odd/even, as qualifying number types);
    • 8 is a cube and so can be laid alongside 27.
Scoring can be simple and coöperative (a group tries to play out all of their cards) or more complex and competitive (eg: allocate one point for each valid card edge match for the player creating it).
Feel free to email me questions, suggestions or other feedback: growlery[at]gmx.ie

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