22 September 2013

Is anybody there...?

Coincidentally (following close on the heels of Ray Girvan's comment on my "Taking comfort where I find it"), BBC Radio Four's A point of view slot on Friday evening backed him up with A L Kennedy's outlook on unobserved honesty: "Someone to watch over me".
Starting with bourbon biscuits in hotel rooms (yes, I confess, I've been there...) it moves rapidly to social science investigations such as the Milgram and Stanford prison experiments.
Click to either download and listen to the mp3 podcast (about ten minutes) or read the transcript.

1 comment:

Geoff said...

Most people that I have met in 74 years of surviving here in a world populated by the lost and mad do behave in a "sheep-like" manner. Just a touch of authority in a voice will do the trick, add any uniform - a suit will suffice - and they will bleat their way to Valium land without the aid of the drug.
I am one of the lucky ones; a black sheep.