18 June 2008

The tail of Tarantella

Comments on my Tarantella post continue to roll in; it's in danger of becoming my most commented upon scribble, which is ironic for something written in a moment without much thought.

There is also, now, comment on last night's In defence of verse or worse follow up. This is, by and large, from the same people (including "LF") who took exception to Tarantella and feel that The Little Furry Rabbits rub salt into the wound - though I am delighted that a few have changed their minds.

I'm grateful to Jiazhi Liu and Marc Tomson, both of whom wrote thoughtfully and eloquently, one in agreement with me, one in disagreement, both with equal seriousness.

Ray Girvan, a Belloc fan, offered a lot of aspects I'd not considered - but, since he may take up the subject himself at JS Books, I'll wait awhile before pirating his words here.

And thanks, too, to Winnie Stephens who not only remembers The Little Furry Rabbits from her own schooldays but referred me to a Tasmanian state government document[1] which quotes it.

  1. Hugh Fielding, Enabling literacy through community engagement. 2006, Hobart: The Tasmanian Department of Education.

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