31 July 2003

Kidz (5)

Today Kia , aged eight, told me the story of Red Riding Hood.

It goes like this...

Once upon a time, little Red Riding Hood set out to take dinner to her old grandma who lived in the deep dark wood. She put honey into the basket, and fruit, and sandwiches, and a wopperburger with kingsize fries. Then she put on her cape and hood, and went out in to the forest.

What she didn't know was that her dear granny had already been eaten by the big bad wolf.

As she skipped merrily down the path, Little Red Riding Hood met a strange figure wearing her grandma's clothes and lace cap but with big eyes, big teeth, big claws and lots of fur. It said to her "Hello Little Red Riding Hood; I'm your granny, come to walk down the path with you!"

Red Riding Hood looked at the wolf and said "Do you think I'm stupid or something?". Hitching up her skirt she pulled out a gun and shot out all the wolf's teeth. The wolf swallowed his teeth and died. A forester happened to be passing by, so Red Riding Hood took his axe and cut open the wolf to let her granny out. Then she married a handsome prince who always did as she told him, so they lived happily ever after.

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Jazz said...

A story well worth digging back into the archives for! This one is also going to be printed for my hypothetical future children.

My feminist bosom swelled with pride!