11 April 2008

Follow the money

When I wrote ‘Getting fisical with phynance’, just over a year ago, I made no secret of the fact that in finance I was a stranger in a strange land, surprised by what I found. In fact, that was my brief: to go into a new field with fresh eyes, and report back on how it looked to me at first sight. I didn’t expect that to be more than a one-off visit but, to my surprise, I found myself intrigued.

Interest, even with a modelling background, doesn’t make an expert; but it has ept me travelling, and knocking on doors. At that time I was more concerned with ideas than with effects, but you can’t spend very long in the field – even as a tourist – without becoming aware of the same trends that are visible everywhere in science.

... ... ...

In the words of one young mathematical physicist working in hedge funds: ‘Euros are just as much fun as quarks, and they are better funded.’

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