24 May 2008

There, but for the grace of Blog, go I...

Over the past four days, Thinking through my fingers and commenter Mac have briefly discussed an article in tomorrow's New York Times magazine, "Exposed" by Emily Gould.

Yesterday, I added my own two penn'orth through TTMF's comments although I had only read the first couple of pages. I mentioned in passing that I am less successful than TTMF at maintaining post frequency (I drop in there every morning, and usually find something new; this blog, by contrast shows an average of less than three posts per week over the current calendar year to date).

This morning, with more time available (it's Saturday) I've read the whole ten pages of Ms Gould's article. I now feel truly, deeply sorry for her (I mean in the sense of human compassion, not superiority or contempt).

Ray Girvan, who alternates between two blogs (Apothecary's Drawer and JSBlog) , told me a while back that he had "had an epiphany" about the time he spent on blogging, and would henceforth do less of it. He's a wise man; his blog posts are always interesting, because their content, not their frequency, is what matters.

I shall never again feel bad about my low posting frequency ... it's the price I will happily pay for the blessing of a life within which the blog knows (and stays in) its place.

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