27 March 2009

Crimes of passion

An excellent exhibition at The RWA (of all places!) by fifty "street artists".

Crimes of passion is not only graffiti, though that form is well represented. Three dimensional work, photographed installation, comix derivation ... as contributor AcerOne comments, "what a loose term [street artist] has come to be!" – but in the very best sense.

I hope to add more photos taken in the show (and more comment) when I have some free time but, for now, here is one (hijacked from my Today series) showing pinhole photographer Justin Quinnell enjoying one of the exhibits with four year old companion.

I hope to take a nine year old artist of my own with me to be inspired next week; it'll make a change from the city art gallery, I'm sure he'll love it.

1 comment:

AcerOne said...

great photo of Justin Q in front of Xenz work. You might remember
one of my students
blogged Xenz' work at part of his arts award last year...?!