26 March 2009

Saving the world ... one box at a time

Despite rumours to the contrary, I have not shuffled off this mortal coil or abandoned The Growlery. I've just been too busy doing things to write about them.

I spent most of today with a remarkable group who meet fortnightly business development advice, guidance and training. Adèle, their session leader, is one of those people who fizz with determination to live life – and inspire others to do the same.

It was an energising day, and every single person I met was extraordinary.

One example: Darren, creating art works from discarded corrugated cardboard packaging and other recycled materials ("nothing new - people offer me materials but I'm quite strict: they must be something you were going to throw away"). He is passionate about environmental values, but also anxious not to be seen as soft centred. "Saving the world on a wall – one box at a time" he half jokes, then adds "Saving my world, making a contribution by example. Showing what can be done."