20 June 2009


A post over at Unreal Nature includes two beautiful causative sequences: one of them, a tree transection, being a sequence in place within a single image.

In a comment to the post I question whether they are unique in their cause/effect sequencing; but they are certainly sequences in which cause/effect are far more explicit than in those with which I have been concerned so far. And they are worth your time just in themselves.

Update, 2009/06/21 at 0730: in comments to the above, Julie replies to my query with:

"In some ways, the inconclusiveness is the point in the art sequences — as compared to the scientific images where the conclusion is the point. The artistic photos are there as a beginning — the core of a snowball when you’re starting a snowman ; the scientific ones are there to (reach an) end; the nut that you get to after cracking and peeling your way down to the center."
She has good points. I have yet to make up my mind about this...

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