19 June 2009

Passing the bâton

This is about sequences again (for the story so far, if you only just arrived: Just one thing after another; Just one sequence after another; Princess Summer Fall Winter Spring; Mediated By The Medium; and Snowdrifts.)

Laura Broad has been a friend of the family for more than a decade. I've taken a fair number of photographs of her over that time but, like most young adults, I'm sure she wouldn't thank me for posting them now.

I hope, though, that she will forgive me for using the sequence of nine frames below, from when she was about ten years old. It's another of my extended portrait sequences made during conversation, and I use it here for a reason.

Laura is seventeen, now, and developing her talent as an artist in her own right. A strong component in her work is photography; not the same strand as mine, I'm glad to say; she is her own person with her own directions and her own paths to tread. But, when we went to her first show yesterday, I was intrigued to see her making her own, different use of the sequential self portrait as a form of "spoken image". My quick snap here does no justice to her sequence of ten A2 size prints, but it gives the idea. (As always, click on either image set to see them at a larger scale.)

What she is doing has more in common with Duane Michals than with me (though I've no idea whether she knows his work) but I can't help a quick puff of pleasure in seeing her use the sequential image mechanism.

Talking to some of her friends who came by during the same time, I was interested to hear that she has influenced several of them in the ways that they see. One talked of experimenting with rule structured sequences of drawings and small paintings. Another described an idea for working towards a sculpture through progressively refined maquettes which, presented in chronological sequence, become part of the final work.

I'm impressed, and proud to know her.

  • Clive Scott, The spoken image : photography and language. 1999, London: Reaktion. 186189032X (pbk)
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