04 December 2009

Friday frog blogging

Inspired by Dr C's Doctor necrophagia video, I have created one of my own. It shows Rana salaria, observed in its natural habitat.
Note that frog blogging is not to be confused with the thoroughly reprehensible practice of brog flogging.


Julie Heyward said...

Electrons gone wild!

(That frog reminds me of Dr. C.)

Dr. C said...

I have been totally lost in the dust. Home movies compared to Golden Plames. I had thought of "Also Sprach ZZ Top" for mine but this must be the Godzilla theme. (BTW, I am not a Frog; Jerry Garcia's brother, maybe. However, I might consider trying a back flip. Stay tuned.)

Felix said...

No, DrC ... you are not lost in the dust at all ... I added the music in an effort to make up for the lack of subtlety: your brilliant use of the crab outshines my backflipping frog any day, and mine was only mimicry anyroad.

I shall still watch with interest the video of YOU doing a backflip, however :-)