14 February 2012

Easy does it

Having recently had a big crash, I've been gradually reinstalling programs as I need them. The day before yesterday, it was Easy Thumbnails from Fookes Software.

Which had me thinking that we really ought (or, at least, I really ought) to more often give public credit to those utilities which other people freely provide to make my life easier.

Easy Thumbnails is, for me, about far more than thumbnail images: it's an essential part of my life. When I reinstalled it the day before yesterday, for instance, I was preparing a slide show. I wanted to reduce several dozen images to a maximum of 1024 pixels wide or 768 high, whichever was smaller, to match the resolution of the digital projector in use. I could, of course, do it easily enough in a paint package ... but Easy Thumbnails does the whole lot for me, without fuss, after six mouse clicks, while I get on with something else.

There are other utilities which perform equally valuable service ... I must mention them, in time ... but today it's Easy Thumbnails' turn.

Of course, Fookes offer free utilities to attract you in to their (excellent) paid products ... but they don't make a big deal of it, and you are perfectly free to walk away with the freebies under no obligation.

So ... this, by way of belated (I've been using Easy Thumbnails for years) thank you, is a recognition of a wonderful and free essential utility which I unreservedly recommend.

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