13 February 2012

Jus' browsin'

I don't know how it is in the wider world, but here in the Growleryverse there is a continuing trend for Microsoft's browser, Internet Explorer, to lose ground while Firefox gains it.

Forty three browsers are currently in use amongst my visitors, from Android and Blackberry to Wii and Yeti, with one person (I am delighted to see) still using Blazer on a Handspring device.

Five of those browsers clock in at more than one percent of usage, and their proportions are:

Firefox: 46%
IE: 33%
Safari: 11%
Chrome: 5.3%
Opera: 1.2%

I'm sorry to see Opera so low on the table ... it's a good browser which deserves to be more widely recognised.

Of the Safari users, the vast majority of visits are, unsurprisingly, by Macintoshes. Just under 1% are from an iPhone or similar Apple portable device. One and a half percent of them, however, are from Windows platforms and there is a lone Linux user running it as well.

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