12 February 2012

Little things...

You learn something new every day.

Today I discovered that, when preparing a PowerPoint slide show and checking whether the transition between slides 83 and 84 works correctly, it's not necessary to click through the whole file frame by frame.

Press Ctrl-S in slide show mode (I did it accidentally, absent mindedly trying to save the file ... which is not possible without exiting slide show mode first) and up comes a "Go To" box where you can go straight to slide 83 and ... bingo.

Isn't life sweet, sometimes, when you suddenly realise that for years you have been doing something the hard way and no longer need do so?

Like banging your head against a wall, as they say.

Nice when it stops.

1 comment:

Geoff said...

Surprising how often it happens to me when I don't read the manual.
Having said that the manual for my Boss BR-800 is 280 pages "odd" (half of those are even!) and seems to have been written for those who would know what to do anyway. So, I fumblestuttercursefiddletwiddle and one day find the easy way; with a bit of luck and perseverance.