23 November 2012

A nice thing...

...about a day in the University of Westminster is a lunch hour in The Photographers' Gallery.


Acerone said...

...some really interesting images in the EXISTENTIAL PHOTOGRAPHY section - i assume this is what was in the gallery?
Im captivated by them. But now i am wondering - dont all photography shows?
The photographic image is so fascinating, it rarely matters who, or why the image has been taken. The very fact it has made it into a space that i can receive it is usually enough for me to give it time enough to find something of interest.
Sorry, it's late.

Geoff said...

Recently went to a photographic exhibition at Exeter Museum and to my dismay - my eye level is 42" from the ground - most of the photos had been hung far to high. My companion - 5'2" - had to stretch to see some of which, even for her, the detail could not be seen.
The lady attendant said that when she brings her grandson to the museum she brings binoculars for him to use.
I always hang an exhibition at a level where children can see the picture.

In other parts of the museum showcases were far to high for me to see the exhibits.

A local Railway Society has built two model railways at a height that one would have to be
5' 8" in order to see it comfortably; I see children walk away with disappointment wrote large across glum faces.

Felix said...

AcerOne: I agree ... I can get lost in a photograph of a white sheet of paper :-)

Geoff: I agree with you, too: galleries should consider the needs of all viewers, not just average ones.