25 November 2012

Singing the land

Six weeks or so ago, I referred to “several good exhibitions coming up, which I am eagerly looking forward to visiting” but only named one of them: Acerone's Where is Iron John? which I visited a couple of days later and where I bought a print of the "White knight"
Others which I had in mind included the epic Bronze at the RA in London (which I managed to get to at the beginning of this month) and Sue Bamford's more intimate Impressions of landscape which opened with a private view last night at the Grange gallery in North Dublin County.
I've mentioned Sue Bamford more than once before in this blog. I love her work, which has two primary strands: the land, usually abstracted to a greater or lesser extent from the area around her home, and avian studies (she is passionate about bird life, amongst many other things) which are usually more figurative. I find both entrancing, in different ways, though  my greatest favourites tend to be drawn from the former: her lyrical but sure use of line, texture and colour sets up strong resonances within me which I am completely unable to put into words.
The exhibition is open to the public from today until the end of December (though a considerable number of the works sold immediately at the private view, so you may need to hunt between increasing numbers of red dots for ones which are still available to buy). If you are in the Dublin area (or can get there) in the five weeks ahead, I thoroughly recommend a visit.

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Anonymous said...

I can definitely see why you like Sue Bamford's work. Absolutely compelling.