19 December 2012

A precious resource

I have started to attempt a post in response to Sandy Hook, several times.
There's a lot I'd like to say, but somehow it always peters out ... there's too much I'd need to say, once I start. Jim Putnam, of Let's try again blog, said recently in a private email “Everything I could say pales against what has been done and said...” and perhaps that's it.
Dr C has made a better stab at it, here, than most.

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Geoff said...

The New America Foundation's report on drone use in Pakistan noted that The Guardian had confirmed 193 children's deaths from drone attacks in seven years. It noted that for the deaths of ten militants, 1,400 civilians with no involvement in terrorism also died. Not surprisingly, everyone in that region is traumatized: children scream when they hear drones.

And now some want armed guards in all schools. Apparently - in Pennsylvania I think - they have had for many years, and armed escorts to and from school.

Is that a rumbling
of thunder in the distance
or someone
on his birthday
turning in his grave.