19 December 2012

With great regret

It is with great regret that I have heard, today, of the death of John Marx from complications following elective surgery.
My regular readers will have seen references to, and recommendations for, Marx Books. I have made several orders for books from John and though it may seem strange after so short a time (four and a half months), at such a remove (thousands of miles and an ocean), and on so tenuous a basis (vendor to buyer, entirely by web and email), I had come to think of John more as a wise friend than as a supplier.
John was … it's not a word I normally use or even consider, but it seems appropriate here … a gentleman. He was at least as concerned with making sure that he treated others fairly as he was with making a profit. He really loved books, too.
Earlier this month, I made an order from Marx Books. On the 13th, John let me know that it might be delayed as he was going into hospital for this surgery on the following day. Today I heard from his son, Sam, with the sad news.
I'm richer for having known you, John, however briefly; the world will be a little poorer without you.

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