14 December 2012

MapleSim 16

After an initial lockstep phase in which MapleSim upgrades were closely tied to those for Maple, release 6 was held back and appeared shortly after Maple 16. It may be that this marks the point when the simulation package asserts its independent existence as an application in its own right, rather than a younger sibling in the shadow of its older stable mate.
Not that the links with Maple have loosened in any functional sense; in fact, their potential for integration continues to grow. Maple can now transparently open MapleSim (and Modelica, of which more in a moment) models within its worksheets and make thread safe MapleSim function calls from its TPM (the high level, multithreaded, Task Programming Model). Information from the MapleSim model, including system equations, can be accessed, as can MapleSim's full solver repertoire. And Maple can set or change MapleSim parameters and solver settings, so is able to operate as a symbolic front end. The two products remain firmly complementary, but not co-dependent; MapleSim is developing a wider vision.

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