09 December 2012


“He did not work for money, anyway; his work was a way of thinking, a way of life.”*
I just ran across the above sentence in one of my "timeslips" rereadings, and felt the delight of something perfect.
Of course one needs to be paid, in order to live; but living is the point.

  • Philip Halvorsen, fictional character, in: Theodore Sturgeon, The [widget] the [wadget] and Boff,1955, Garden City NY: Doubleday.


Clarissa Vincent said...

'...felt the delight of something perfect', I do too and it is not necessary to justify that in economic or responsibilty grounds. Some things are pure and perfect as ideas, but cannot be made into a whole lifestyle.

Felix said...

To quote Kahlil Gibran: “Work is love made visible”.