05 February 2013

EndNote X6

While there are several developments in X6, the big news has to be that EndNote has completed its development of a viable cloud integration. There are a number of benefits to this, but the two big ones are geographic access and platform independence. Like many users nowadays, I work from wherever I happen to be, using whatever machine is most appropriate; I like to keep and manage my core bibliographic databases on a single master computer at my base, but want to access and update those in use from anywhere in the world on any device – including a smartphone as I use spare time in a queue.
The online EndNote Web tool has been available, and becoming progressively stronger, for some time, but until now the link between it and the desktop was less than transparent. That problem has now been addressed. From within EndNote X6 on the desktop you set preferences for automatic synchronisation between local and web versions of your bibliographic database, then forget it. Every change you make on your desktop is reflected in your web image and vice versa. Storage capacity limit is now 50,000 records and five gigabytes, which ought to satisfy the needs of most users. [more]

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